Нова епоха
Семинар с Дан Милман - авторът на "Пътят на Мирния воин" ще бъде в Базел - Швейцария

Greetings Euro- Peaceful Warriors!

We are happy to announce Dan's only public event in Europe in 2012 ?

A full weekend workshop in Basel, Switzerland

Fri 4 May:                The Laws of Transformation - evening lecture

Sat-Sun 5-6 May:      Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit - weekend workshop

For all details, click on one of the links below.

English: http://www.bpv.ch/eng/MillmannDanEnglish.html

Deutsch: http://www.bpv.ch/content/referenten/MillmannDan.html

Time flies ? so mark your calendar!

If your schedule and budget allow, Dan looks forward to seeing you at this illuminating weekend.